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Time passes for all of us. This is especially true for homes. They start to corrode and paint begins to fade. That shouldn’t be the end of your family home though. We offer an amazing remodeling service in Charlotte that takes an old home and revitalize it. With new siding, a stylish roof and a great looking yard to enjoy.

Our home remodeling service in Charlotte can turn the outside of your house into the style that you’ve always wanted. Whether you’ve been wanting that lighting system that you’ve longed for or the look of an English cottage from your favorite novel.

Though we’ve discussed only the outside, it’s not limited to that. You can enjoy a fully renovated master bedroom brought to by our excellent team. For the remodeling, we can make your current thermostat into a smart one that you can operate from your phone or tablet. One of the most popular remodels features is getting a spacious walk-in closet. It’s perfect if you’d like an organized space for your clothes, shoes, and/or accessories.

Charlotte home remodeling

Home remodeling Charlotte NC allows you to have a more open floor plan if you so desire. It can brighten up a room by adding an accent wall that is a great conversation starter.

Time waits for no one, and this statement is also applicable to homes. Over time, they begin to wear off, and paints fade. But that shouldn’t be how your family home should end. So here’s an opportunity for remodeling service Charlotte you should jump on. We offer you a significant home remodeling Charlotte, NC that will transform your old home into a revitalized space. In addition, your current yard will get a facelift with a new stylish roof and siding. 

With our Charlotte home remodeling service, we can transform your outdoor space into the elegant place you’ve always desired. No matter what you’ve wanted to include, whether a lighting system or a small cottage, we’ve got you covered. Our focus is not only on the outside; we also extend output remodeling service Charlotte to the indoor space. 

A well-renovated master bedroom is possible with our fantastic team. We delight in leaving a lasting impression on you. Your thermostat can change to a smart one operated with your tablet or phone.  Another common remodel feature is a large walk-in closet. It is spacious and perfect if you need a space to organize your shoes, clothes, and accessories.

With home remodeling Charlotte, NC, you can get a more spacious floor if you want. It helps brighten a room, even if you add a fabulous accent wall.  

The outdoor space is crucial for a homeowner because you can experience the comfort in a piece of cozy furniture. All these and more are what you can get with Charlotte home remodeling. Enjoy a relaxed atmosphere, watch the late-night breeze, sip your coffee on your beautiful chair. 

We can also help you with home additions and renovations, so your bathroom and kitchen spaces are wide enough for you and your family. Bathroom remodeling is also included in our remodeling service Charlotte. 

Relax in your bathroom spa and experience comfort at its peak. In addition, Finally, we provide you a steam room where you can get the resort-like feeling. Call here for more information on Charlotte home remodeling

Other Services

Your home remodel revitalizes your house, see other related services below:

Outdoor Living Spaces

Enjoying your time outside is important to every homeowner. You get to experience the joys of your hard work with comfortable furniture. Or perhaps you’d prefer reading the morning paper or catching up on social media with a cup of coffee on your custom patio. At Charlotte Custom Homes and Remodeling we delight in creating the perfect atmosphere for your outdoor living space. Click on the button below to find out more info.

Home Additions

A tiny house can be tough when raising a family. You don’t have enough rooms and it gets crowded with ease. What do you do? One option is buying a new house. But, you have to be concerned with realtors, new home buyers, and making sure that you qualify for the home loan. We offer an easier way, enjoy your current home with an addition added to it. Whether it’s a new kitchen or room added on, our team is here to help. See more info, by clicking on the button below.

Bathroom Remodeling

A spa is something that everyone enjoys. It’s thoroughly relaxing, but what if you can bring that experience to your very own bathroom? At Charlotte Custom Homes & Remodeling we offer a specialized steam room that’ll make you feel like you’re at a resort. We also offer a personalized shower that you’ll always enjoy. For more info about our bathroom remodeling service, click on the button below.

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