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Picking the features of a custom home is like choosing the right outfit when you went to school. The right features and design are how others will see. It sets the tone of how you start your day and how you end it.

When you wake up in the morning, are you waking up to the smell of espresso thanks to your automatic coffee maker that’s built in the kitchen? Or would you be enjoying the warmth of the heated floors during the cold winters that North Carolina brings?

At Charlotte Custom Homes & Remodeling, we know how difficult it can be trying to pick the right style of house for you. So we’ve picked out a few for you to consider:

Choosing features for your custom home is as stressful as choosing the best outfit, and it gets more difficult when you’re not well guided. It’s the unique design and features of the house that others will see. It has a way of setting the mood for how your day will start and how it will end. That’s the more reason why you need good builders to handle the projects, and at custom home builders charlotte nc is what you need. 

Imagine waking up in the morning to the smell of espresso from the coffee maker in your kitchen? How would you enjoy the warmth of heated floors in the cold winters that come in North Carolina? You need the services of the best custom home builders Charlotte, NC, to execute the task. 

Charlotte custom home builders are committed to giving the best at all times. We understand the struggle of picking the right design and style for your house. But with Charlotte Custom Homes & Remodeling, you’re sure of affordable custom home builders Charlotte, NC. That’s why we have done the choosing to make it easier for you.


Being a larger style than most, a colonial-style does have a formal and well-proportioned space. This style does have more of an exterior symmetry look, starting at two stories.

Cottage or Bungalow:

A cottage-style does give off a simpler look and is perfect for newlyweds, empty nesters, and small families. If a more compact style doesn’t fit your style take a look at our others.

Ranch Style:

This single-story house, offers a more outdoor focus, but it still holds it’s luxurious charm. Primarily it contains an open floor plan. We like to make ours with high ceilings. Some enjoy the beam look for their ceiling.


For a contemporary look, you’ll often see it be a single or two-story house with an open floor-plan. They also consist of attached garages with different exterior elevations.

Green, Alternative & Adaptive:

For our eco-friendly option, we use recycled materials along with the most energy-efficient ways for lighting, heat, and water. By using solar power technology, we like to help you not only energize your house but help store backup power as well.

Other Services

Having your home customed is great, see other related services below:

Outdoor Living Spaces

Enjoying your time outside is important to every homeowner. You get to experience the joys of your hard work with comfortable furniture. Or perhaps you’d prefer reading the morning paper or catching up on social media with a cup of coffee on your custom patio. At Charlotte Custom Homes and Remodeling we delight in creating the perfect atmosphere for your outdoor living space. Click on the button below to find out more info.

Home Additions

A tiny house can be tough when raising a family. You don’t have enough rooms and it gets crowded with ease. What do you do? One option is buying a new house. But, you have to be concerned with realtors, new home buyers, and making sure that you qualify for the home loan. We offer an easier way, enjoy your current home with an addition added to it. Whether it’s a new kitchen or room added on, our team is here to help. See more info, by clicking on the button below.

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