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A spa is something that everyone enjoys. It’s thoroughly relaxing, but what if you can bring that experience to your very own bathroom?

At Charlotte Custom Homes & Remodeling we offer a specialized steam room that’ll make you feel like you’re at a resort. We also offer a personalized shower that you’ll always enjoy.

With a Charlotte bathroom remodel we offer floor heating for those cold winter mornings. You’re able to wake up to the smell of coffee or your alarm clock, walk on your warn bathroom floor instead of freezing cold tiles. You can also enjoy the pleasures of having a jacuzzi bathtub to relax in. Picture yourself with a glass of wine relaxing by candlelight in the comfort of your own bathroom.

One feature that is becoming on the rise, is having a full length, well-lit vanity. With this, you’ll feel like you’re in a luxurious retail store, getting ready for your night on the town. If you’ve been using a single sink but would prefer a dual sink, we can provide a custom countertop and exquisite sink. Choose between our various high-quality materials for the counter top and the sinks that’ll show off your unique taste.

Your bathroom may seem like a small room in your home, but it is a critical area in the house. It’s in this room that you prepare yourself for the day and ease up after a long day. If you have a bathroom with an outdated style, stale fixtures, or layout that no longer suits you, you need to do a bathroom remodel. You may be wondering what a bathroom remodel is and why you need it. 

A bathroom remodeling is an avenue to transform your bathroom into a luxurious and stylish space with more functionality and class. If you’re in Charlotte or its surrounding, what you need is the bathroom remodeling Charlotte NC, and nobody does it better than Elite Charlotte Homes. A luxurious makeover will take your outdated bathroom and style up to a fictional space that’ll beat your imagination. 

A Charlotte bathroom remodeling gives you the unique opportunity to bring your dream bathroom design to life. With a team of experienced professionals, you have nothing to worry about achieving a stylish bathroom remodel Charlotte NC. Whether you want to replace your bathroom units or do a total reconfiguration, we can handle it. We’re a company that operates bathroom renovation in Charlotte NC, and we do it excellently.

Everyone enjoys spending time in a spa. It is relaxing and soothing. But imagine you could make that spa experience reality in your bathroom. That’s what we offer and more at Charlotte Custom Homes and Remodeling. We have the answer to all your remodeling needs. Our bathroom remodeling Charlotte, NC, includes creating a specialized steam room that looks somewhat like a resort. 

We also provide you with a personalized shower that will give you an optimum bathing experience. The cold you feel on those winter mornings are no more because you can get open floor heating. Now you can wake up vigorous and inhale the incredible smell of coffee or hear your alarm clock ring; then, you walk on warm floors in your bathroom rather than cold tiles. 

Enjoy the luxury that comes with a jacuzzi bathtub where you can relax. Imagine yourself relaxing by the beautiful lights with a glass of wine in your bathroom. That’s what you enjoy and lots more with our bathroom remodeling Charlotte, NC.

We are here to answer any questions you may have on bathroom remodeling, steps, and average cost.

How much does remodeling a bathroom cost?

A bathroom is a valuable space, and it is often used in the household, making it a significant space often renovated. Everyone loves a comfortable room, and nobody wants to prepare for the day in an outdated space shower or bathroom as it could alter your mood for the day. But one primary hindrance homeowners often experience in achieving their bathroom remodel Charlotte is that a bathroom usually remodels on the high side, and it’s not an easy project. 

However, there’s a Charlotte bathroom remodel for everyone and every budget. According to research, one can spend as little as $6,500 or $70,000 for a bathroom remodel, and it depends on the fixtures, labor, square footage, or other amenities. An estimated $18,000 is an average amount one can spend for a successful remodel. If you choose to change the layout of your bathroom, it involves replacing the sink, tub, or toilet, and you can’t achieve this without a professional. 

These adjustments can take as long as 46 hours and can cost up to 3000 dollars or more, incurring other expenses on other aspects of the bathroom remodel. Below are some of the typical costs that can affect a Charlotte bathroom remodeling. 

Walls and floor tiles: Porcelain, ceramic, and natural stone are standard fixtures in a bathroom. The cost of natural stone is calculated per square foot and often costs between $5 to $20 per square foot.

Faucets: Nickel, antique bronze, matte black, and chrome are some common faucet materials. However, chrome is quite affordable, unlike brushed nickel, brushed brass, and some other materials. You should also consider the kind of sink and if the faucet is touchless or wall-mounted. 

Countertops: Already fabricated countertops are cheaper than natural stone. The cost of quartz is about $100, and it is calculated per square foot, unlike cultured marble, which costs about $4.

Bathtub: The most typical type of bathtub is the alcove tub—the cost of purchasing this item and its installation impact on the total cost.

Shower: With a shower and alcove bath combo, your bathroom is sure to get a facelift. However, these items are considered high-cost expenses and can cost you about $500-$800.

What are the steps to remodeling a bathroom?

Elite Charlotte Homes offers a comprehensive remodeling process that takes you one step at a time in achieving your Charlotte bathroom remodeling, so you don’t feel left out at any point. You’ll find below the steps involved in completing a bathroom remodeling Charlotte NC.  

Initial Consultation: The first stage towards completing a bathroom remodel project is the Consultation process. You’ll speak with one of our experts for an in-depth conversation and explanation into the entire process. It also involves the decision on which style will fit you. Then our contractors will visit your home for an on-site tour of your bathroom and further consultation. At this meeting, we’ll reassess your needs and design choices. Likewise, we’ll share the budget ranges of other bathroom renovation Charlotte NC projects we have done in the past and estimate your renovation costs. 

Design and feasibility: After choosing a plan, another meeting is scheduled with the aim of taking measurements and clear, detailed pictures of your bathroom and the surrounding areas. Our Charlotte bathroom remodel contractors will review your project goals again to ensure we are working with the correct information, such as the style preference, budget, and finishes. 

Plan review: The plan review involves scheduling another meeting to display two to three 3D renderings and conceptual floor plans. Our customers also get material samples that reflect their vision and convey what you should expect. The quality you’ll get when you embark on a project with a top Charlotte bathroom remodeling company. When you come down with a specific plan, we have committed staff to arrive at accurate pricing and detailed drawings. Once the design is approved, we sign an agreement to embark fully on the project. 

Selection and planning process: The designers will take you through selection to choose the best materials for your project from trusted vendors.

Pre-construction walk-through: The following process is in-house meetings, with an onsite walk-through as part of the pre-construction process, and this is done one week before the significant project starts. That way, you can review all the logistics involved in your project and set up clear communication avenues to appropriately and effectively execute the project. 

Construction: In the main construction project, our team of professional designers and craftsmen keeps you up to date with the entire construction process. Bathroom remodeling involves attentiveness to details, and with this walk-through process, you can discuss materials and fixtures and other relevant information for the success of your project. 

Final walk-through: When the project is complete, the final stage is a walk-through to ascertain that the customer is satisfied with the job, and a discussion will follow on your next remodeling project. 

What is the average cost of a bathroom remodeling?

An average bathroom remodel Charlotte NC costs about $6,000 to $16,000. Homeowners can spend as small as $3,500 to $7,000 in remodeling a small or medium-sized bathroom and placing fixtures in the bathroom. A more extensive and more luxurious bathroom can cost up to $30,000 or exceed $50,000. 

The Cost of labor is estimated at an average of $65 to $80 per hour, and it is usually about 50% of the entire project cost. However, the prices vary depending on the area and region, especially because labor and materials costs are typically the same within a country. Here are some factors you should consider when you want to do a bathroom remodel. 

Size of the bathroom: The size of your space affects the cost of a bathroom remodel and can also impact the type of materials used as the price thereof. 

Quality of materials: Another factor that impacts the cost of a remodel is the quality of materials. The type of material you use affects the final cost of the project. The fixtures and appliances you choose can often cost between $2,000 to $9,000. Proper understanding of the prices of these items helps you determine the best place to invest your time and money. 

Countertops, faucets, showers, and other fixtures are great additions to your bathroom, and you don’t need to break the bank to get your bathroom such quality materials. At Elite Homes, we offer exquisite services specifically designed to suit our clients and guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. It promises to be a smooth journey throughout the entire process as our experts will explain all details of your project and its involvement, so you have no fear of incurring added expenses along the way. Rest assured you’re in the best hands, and all your Charlotte bathroom remodels will go seamlessly. 

Key Takeaway

Doing a successful bathroom remodel requires time, effort, energy, and other resources. Such a project is one worth embarking on. However, we can’t overemphasize the importance of hiring professionals for the job. And that’s what you enjoy with Elite Charlotte Homes. 

A remodel takes your bathroom up a notch, thus fixing damages, if any, repainting, replacing fixtures, and other adjustments. Bathroom remodels yield up to 60% to 70% returns when you resell it, and although it is not cheap, it is best to hire a professional to handle the job. That way, you’ll get an accurate budget and estimates from the onset of the project. 

Get value for your money and hand over the crucial areas of design, construction, plumbing, and electrical to the best Charlotte bathroom remodeling company today. Call us here for a free consultation and top-notch services.

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