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A spa is something that everyone enjoys. It’s thoroughly relaxing, but what if you can bring that experience to your very own bathroom?

At Charlotte Custom Homes & Remodeling we offer a specialized steam room that’ll make you feel like you’re at a resort. We also offer a personalized shower that you’ll always enjoy.

With a Charlotte bathroom remodel we offer floor heating for those cold winter mornings. You’re able to wake up to the smell of coffee or your alarm clock, walk on your warn bathroom floor instead of freezing cold tiles. You can also enjoy the pleasures of having a jacuzzi bathtub to relax in. Picture yourself with a glass of wine relaxing by candlelight in the comfort of your own bathroom.

One feature that is becoming on the rise, is having a full length, well-lit vanity. With this, you’ll feel like you’re in a luxurious retail store, getting ready for your night on the town. If you’ve been using a single sink but would prefer a dual sink, we can provide a custom countertop and exquisite sink. Choose between our various high-quality materials for the counter top and the sinks that’ll show off your unique taste.

Everyone enjoys spending time in a spa. It is relaxing and soothing. But imagine you could make that spa experience reality in your bathroom. That’s what we offer and more at Charlotte Custom Homes and Remodeling. We have the answer to all your remodeling needs. Our bathroom remodeling Charlotte, NC, includes creating a specialized steam room that looks somewhat like a resort. 

We also provide you with a personalized shower that will give you an optimum bathing experience. The cold you feel on those winter mornings are no more because you can get open floor heating. Now you can wake up vigorous and inhale the incredible smell of coffee or hear your alarm clock ring; then, you walk on warm floors in your bathroom rather than cold tiles. 

Enjoy the luxury that comes with a jacuzzi bathtub where you can relax. Imagine yourself relaxing by the beautiful lights with a glass of wine in your bathroom. That’s what you enjoy and lots more with our bathroom remodeling Charlotte, NC.

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